32 bit SOLIDWORKS in a 64 bit OS

So, you decided to get a 64 bit operating system so you could open up crazy huge SOLIDWORKS assemblies eh? Whoa pretty nice! Is this a water cooled system? Golly, pulled out all the stops on this computer didn’t you!? What, did you say? You say you are still getting some memory issues even though you have 12 GB of RAM in this speed-demon? That seems a little unlikely, your files aren’t that big. Did you install the 64 bit version of SolidWorks? Oh yeah, with XP-64 it is still possible to install the 32 bit version! Go to your task manager -see that “*32” next to the “sldworks.exe” process? You just got punked by your IT department! Do you have a moped motor in your sports car too? Get them to install the 64 bit version and enjoy life on Easy Street.

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