3DEXPERIENCE FD05 - Top 5 Enhancements


On March 14th, Dassault Systemes released 3DEXPERIENCE FD05. Since then, we’ve been working and putting it through its paces. Today, I want to run through our picks on the technical team for the top 5 changes and enhancements that we think you, the SOLIDWORKS userbase, will love.

Product Architect

Where to find Specifications in Product Architech, 3DEXPERIENCE FD05

Addition of Specifications to Product Architect Role in 2021X FD05

FD05 brings about the ability to manage and link specifications to your CAD models within the widget.  Best of all, it’s just a drag and drop.  If you haven’t looked in to the advanced functions that the product architect brings to your workflow, talk to your CATI or InFlow representative today.  We would be happy to give you a walk though!





Product Release Engineer

Proposed changes validated by Change Action 2021X FD05 in XEN

Validation of Alternate parts using Change Actions

FD05 adds some new features to aid in the qualification of Alternate Items.  This includes the qualification of an item using Change Actions.  Additionally, you can qualify the items for the selected usages in the Release Engineer.




Enterprise Change

Flowdown changes added to Enterprise Change Management in 2021X FD05

View of Change Management flowdown dependencies

3DEXPERIENCE FD05 lets Enterprise Change users capture changes in flowdown to create additional Change Actions for other purposes.  A great example is linking a manufacturing change to the realized changes of another (Engineering) change action.  This closes the loop in Enterprise Change without having to search through the system to find manufacturing items affected by a change.





3DMarkup Format Support

Markup capabilities have been extended to DXF and DWG files adding to greater collaboration across platformss

Markup of a DWG file on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

3DMarkup now supports additional formats.  This continues the theme of bringing together all of the collaboration on the platform even with DXF and DWG files in native web viewers!






Some additional functionality was added to the Platform that I think is worth mentioning.

First, there is enhanced support for revision schemes on the cloud side.  We now have the option to use a revision scheme that will omit commonly unused revisions.  Specifically we can use an alpha based scheme without I,O,Q,S,X, and Z.

*****Note that we do not advocate for changing the revision scheme mid-stream.  If you feel that this is the way you would like to be setup, please let us know and we can have the discussion.  Switching this mid-stream could eliminate revisions that may be in use.*****

Second, we can automatically number SOLIDWORKS files when they’re first checked into the system.  This creates uniform file naming.  Of course, it depends on your individual setup. This may or may not be a best practice for you, so we suggest if you are questioning the setup to give us a call and we can talk through the process.

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