3DVision at SOLIDWORKS World 2011

The agenda for SOLIDWORKS World has been released, and there will be plenty of good presentations provided by familiar faces.  3DVision will be sending seven of our technical resources to host presentations at SWW in San Antonio from January 23rd-26th.

Monday the 24th:

  • Jeff Sweeney presents “How to Create a Best Practice Document” @ 1:30pm
  • Robert Warren & Josh Spencer present “SOLIDWORKS Utilities and The Kitchen Sink” @ 1:30pm
  • Bill Reuss presents “CAD is not flat – 2D to 3D with Sheet Metal [Hands-on]” @ 2:45pm
  • Jordan Tadic presents “Rendering Like a Pro (in less than 30 minutes) [Hands-on]” @ 2:45pm
  • Jeff Sweeney presents “A Story of Implementing SOLIDWORKS Enterprise in a Global Corporation” @ 2:45pm
  • Randy Simmons presents “Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Routing (Tubing/Conduit/Piping ONLY) [Hands-on]” @ 2:45pm

Tuesday the 25th:

  • Josh Spencer presents “Staying on Track with the Design Checker [Hands-on]” @ 1:30pm
  • Keith Rice presents “Debugging the Most Brutal Install and Startup Issues” @ 4:30pm
  • Randy Simmons presents “Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Routing (Tubing/Conduit/Piping ONLY) [Hands-on]” @ 4:30pm

Wednesday the 26th:

  • Keith Rice presents “Taking Macros to the People: Hands on for Beginners” @ 10:30pm
  • Jordan Tadic presents “Surfacing Tricks for Solid Modeling” @ 2:45pm

If you haven’t registered yet, JUST DO IT at the link below (notice the link for a justification letter on the front page)!


Basically, if you’ve ever taken a 4-day essentials class and thought that was a lot to absorb, imagine four days of non-stop learning, networking, and excitement while being able to choose the topic for each and every hour of the day.  Additionally, there will be all kinds of fun events like the exclusive CSWE/CSWP event.  Hope to see you there!

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