3DVision's Famous

3DVision’s Famous!

I wanted to take a quick minute to point out the fact that 3DVision has officially become famous.  Being a former machine designer myself, I can’t imagine there’s an engineer out there that’s not subscribed to the Machine Design magazine.  Even if you’ve ignored the expiring subscription notices they attach to the cover with that gooey clear glue (the stuff I always ended up flinging somewhere into my neighboring cubicles), chances are – you’re still receiving the magazine on a monthly basis.  Nevertheless, if my notion is correct, approximately 1.5 million engineers read this article in last month’s edition of Machine Design magazine – making us famous.

I actually had the pleasure of spending the day with Leslie Gordon, and (for not having any past experience with 3D modeling) she made a lot of progress in just one day.  The thing she and I realized is that no matter how experienced you might be in 3D modeling, it is critical to have proper training.  Without fully understanding the best practices (i.e. when to use what tools), your chances of utilizing this powerful package to the fullest are slim.

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