A Recap of the 2009 Rollout Tour

While Jeff has done immense justice to our bandwagon experiences the past two weeks across the Midwest, and Seth has comprehensively summarized our new functionalities with Simulation 2009, I felt compelled to throw in a few cents of my own into the mix as well. While I made sure that I was impeccably costumed (in time for Halloween!!) throughout the sessions, I spent time discussing some of the key benefits of this release with our customers.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how we can end up with a 100 enhancements in every release. Some of them are major changes, while some of them are minor tweaks to make lives easier! The “oohs” and “aahs” that we used to hear earlier in the decade are replaced with “About time!!” when we show the new tools! Does that mean we are not delivering the goods at the right time? I think it leans towards the mindset of the audience in terms of the trends in the CAD industry. 3D modeling and FEA are now the norm, and the acceptance and adaptation to the tools in these releases makes new functionality more a necessity than eye candy.

This power packed version of COSMOS saw the product name change to Simulation!! The focus in 2009 has been in terms of performance, and the addition of a few missing tools from GeoStar. My personal favorite (and of the audience in general) in this release is the separation of the pre- and post-processors from the solver. What this means to the user is that he/she can choose to start running analyses, and at the same time, start creating other SW models or even creating new studies.

The coming days and months will, no doubt, elevate emotions on the new integration between Simulation and SolidWorks. From the looks of it, the ability for the mesh and the FEA code to adapt to the geometry seems to be very promising. More on it in the coming months!! In the meantime, as Jeff pointed out, we have had a very successful trip and had a great time mingling with all of you! Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions on the rollout as well as the 2009 product set!!

Happy Speedpaking..!!!

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