A worthless EPDM Enhancement

One of my favorite new SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM enhancements is, at least today, practically worthless….this enhancement didn’t even make it into the “What’s New” document. However its potential may make it one of the biggest EPDM enhancements yet. It is the EPDM Partner Program.

We’re all familiar with the SOLIDWORKS partner program. Some of the best SOLIDWORKS functionality has actually come from it. Simulation, Toolbox, Hole Wizard, Workgroup, Photoview 360 and even EPDM originally started out as 3rd party partner products that eventually became part of the SOLIDWORKS family. This has helped SOLIDWORKS grow and mature very rapidly. Even the 3rd party applications that SOLIDWORKS hasn’t purchased still make SOLIDWORKS a good investment. If SOLIDWORKS cannot do something you wish it could, there is likely an application that can do it.


As I said, it is brand new, but there are already two partner products for EPDM. Keep an eye out, hopefully there is going to be a money saver in there for you, giving you an even bigger return on your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM investment.


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