Add Hyperlinks to parts in your ECNs

I received this rather interesting telegram today from Western Union:

Stardate: 44995.3

I on behalf of the entire Klingon empire wish to thank you for your blog post on Earth date August 13, 2009 where you first posted the idea of including hyperlinks in ECN documents to make it easier for users to quickly find documents without having to even open SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

You don’t know it yet but the format you used:
conisio://[vault name]/open?projectid=[projectID]&documentid=[documentID]&objecttype=1
is still in use today. In fact, the actual API code you wrote to make it easier for the engineers to automatically create the hyperlinks was used when we designed the Negh’Var-class birds of prey to help crush the rebellion and restore the empire!

Emperor Gowron

Thanks Emperor, what an honor it is to know I will be honored. As I am sure you know, you actually can do a lot of fun things with hyperlinks in your office documents when using Enterprise PDM. Here is a list of all the things you can do with a hyperlink: (replace “open” in my historical-to-be hyperlink with the proper command)
open– Opens the file in associated application
view– Opens the configured “Viewer” application for the file
explore– Opens an explorer window in the folder the file resides and selects the file
get– Triggers a Get of the file to the local file vault view
lock– Checks out the file
properties– Brings up the file properties
history– Brings up the file history

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