Advanced 3 Axis Milling Finishing Toolpaths Included In CAMWorks Milling Standard

CAMWorks Milling Standard offers the following CAM Advanced 3 Axis Simultaneous Toolpath option for 3 axis finishing:

  • Pattern Project
  • Constant Stepover
  • Pencil Milling
  • Curve Project

Pattern Project

Pattern Project operation is a multi-surface finishing cycle that removes material based on the selected pattern: Slice, Flowline, Radial and Spiral. These patterns have unique characteristics that make them appropriate for semi-finishing and finishing selected areas or the entire model.

Constant Stepover

Constant Stepover operation is a 3-axis finishing operation that removes material by maintaining a constant user-defined stepover relative to the surface. This operation can be used for semi finishing and finish of surfaces and cavities.


Pencil Milling

The Pencil Mill operation is used to create a finishing toolpath that finishes areas of a multi surface feature that have radii of curvature less than the radius of the tool. This can be done in one pass or multiple passes depending on the pattern parameters selected in the operation parameters.

Curve Project

Curve Project cycle removes material by projecting selected 2.5 Axis Engrave and/or Curve features onto the faces/surfaces of a Multi Surface feature and generating toolpaths along the projected entities.

We offer a CAMWorks 3 Axis Essentials training class for more detailed content related to all of the CAMWorks advanced toolpaths.

If you have questions or need additional information, please reach out to us at Computer Aided Technology.

I hope this makes your work situation easier and more efficient when using CAMWorks!


Don Glaske
Manager, CAM Services
Computer Aided Technology

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