Assembly Visualization - the search for the missing file properties

Releasing your drawings to the machine shop with missing information makes a machinist angrier than a baby boomer looking at a teenager that doesn’t have his pants pulled up all the way.

As we all know, looking through a large assembly, checking file properties can be a tedious task. (At least that is the excuse I always use.) I’ve found Assembly Visualization can be a great tool to quickly skim through your assembly’s components looking for missing information.

Here’s how I could use it to find any parts in my assembly without material specified:

1. Start the Visualization tool (it is either on your assembly or evaluate toolbar by default)

2. Right mouse button click on any of the headers (except “File Name”) and choose “Add Column”, or find any column with a little black arrow pointing to the right.AddColumn

3. Click on that arrow and choose “More…”


4. Choose the property you want to examine. (Check it out, you could work with formula too!)


5. Now you can sort by this property by clicking on its heading and your parts with missing information will come to the top. You can quickly see I haven’t assigned a material to my “crank-knob”missing

Thank you for attending “Jeff Sweeney’s SOLIDWORKS tip of the randomly selected interval” please tune in next time, at a time to be determined when I feel like it, to learn more cool SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks.

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