Autologin for task servers

As SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM’s tasks are being utilized more and more, I see companies dedicating a machine (or virtual machine) to act as a “task server”. This allows users to continue working while another machine does the task processes. (Typically batch printing, batch file conversions or design checking.)

The problem is, EPDM will not do any task work if the dedicated computer is not logged into the vault. How do you set your machine to automatically log into the vault?

First, on your task-server-to-be, in the administration tool, go to settings.LocalSettingsSet the Automatic login as the account you would want to automatically login to the vault as: [my vault’s name is “Production’]


(Please don’t use the same password I use. Everyone seems to use “**********” as their password.)

Now we’ve told EPDM what account to use when logging in. Next we need to make the system log in.

Simply opening an explorer window navigated to your vault view is all you need to do. To automate this: Go to your machine’s startup directory (something like: “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup” -though this varies from operating system to operating system.)

In this directory add a shortcut


For the location, enter “explorer” then a space, then in quotes type the full path to the root of the vault view.


You can then name the shortcut anything you wish.

Now the computer will login to EPDM as soon as you log in.

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