Automatically Inserting Centerlines within a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Setting up your drawings to automatically add centerlines is quick and easy. This blog will show you two different options for auto insertion which generate two types of centerlines on your drawings.

If you would like these settings to be applied to all future part drawings, make sure to update your templates by adding these options and resaving those templates.

Navigating to these Auto Insert options:

  • Tools
  • Options
  • Document Properties
  • Detailing
  • Auto insert on view creation

Below is an image which points using orange arrows, to the Detailing option and first option we talk about under the Auto Insert on view creation.


The first auto insert option with regards to centerlines is the first in the list "Center marks-holes-part". This option will add centerlines to your holes visible when straight on a view like the drawing demonstrated below.


The second option for Auto Insert centerlines is "Centerlines", navigating to it is the same as listed above.

Notice the many options available to you for auto insertion, feel free to mess with each of these options in your free time to see what they each do and whether or not you would like to add them to your drawing templates.


This second option will add centerlines through the part for any view orientation. Therefore displaying a through hole in this parts right side and isometric views. Image below shows this new type of centerline which can be automatically inserted on view creation.



If you want to save this option in your templates for further use:

  • You need to add these document options to your existing template
  • Then save that template out again, under the same name is you would like.
  • After that, use that template to create your drawings when you want the centerlines automatically inserted.

Courtney Roemer

Application Engineer


Computer Aided Technology


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