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Mail Call!

Dear Engineering Data Specialist Man

I am working with a customer who is constantly changing his mind -as a result I am nearly losing mine! Several times now he has asked me to revert to a previous version of a design and make new modifications from there! I am using SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, is there an easy way to accomplish this?

M. McFly

Dear Marty,
Logically you could make a copy of the older version on your desktop, check out the file then overwrite the file in your local cache with the version on your desktop. Actually there is an even easier way:

  • Check out the file
  • “Get” the older version (you will be notified you are going to write over the version in the cache, that is okay, say “yes”
  • Make the modifications you want, when you check in the file it will become the new next version!

It feels a bit weird getting an older version of a file while it is checked out but it is a lot easier to understand than a flux capacitor isn’t it?

Yours in engineering data service,

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