Big Files = Big Problems

Think your part is way bigger than it should be? Maybe it is… Little known facts from 2011 SP2 there was an error that caused file size to balloon.

The problem was in the creation of multiple redundant display states that are all expendable. In 2011 SP3 the issue was corrected, however files with this issue will continue to have the issue. 2011 SP3 and later added a right mouse click menu to the display states called "purge redundant display states".

Purge pic

This will clean your file, and in some cases a lot. We saw a 200MB+ file go down to around 17MB. Big savings there.

Please make sure to back up your files before attempting this to make sure nothing undesirable happens to any wanted display states.

Happy Purging!!
John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support

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