Borders around portions of a note in a TABLE ?

New in SOLIDWORKS 2010 was the ability to place a border (box, diamond, triangle, etc.) around a PORTION of a note. (we could previously only place a border around the entire note)
If you need to know how to do this, just do a search in the SOLIDWORKS HELP file for “NOTES”, and then scroll down almost to the bottom and look for “To apply borders to entire notes or portions of notes:”

The “problem” that I want to address in this blog is the inability to do this in a TABLE.
When you are editing a cell in a General Table on a SOLIDWORKS drawing, you only get the “Formatting” toolbar and not the property manager that you need to apply a border around a portion of the note.
So you just can’t do it, right ?

Here is the workaround…
Somewhere else on the drawing make a NOTE, and place the borders as you would like them to look in the table. While you are still editing the note, select all the text, and do a CTRL+C (copy), then to edit a cell of the table and CTRL+V (paste). There you go !!

You can of course go back and delete the note you had to make to get this. The text in the cell of the table IS editable, just don’t delete the portion with the border or you will have to do the note trick over again to get it back.

This is a LOT easier than trying to make a “custom symbol” in your symbol library…

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