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In these days of computer technology CAD programs are becoming more specific. A very detailed engineering CAD design program is used to develop new tools for many important jobs such as search and rescue. MCAD is a supplier of one of the best of these specific computer-aided design programs.

With standard engineering parts like bolts, screws, and washers already in the database, it allows new parts to be created and blueprints produced.

Parts can be saved with part numbers and referred to again at a later date. Frequently used parts such as levers and joints could be created and then called upon to fit anywhere within the finished article, and the sizes amended to fit each place.

The beauty of these systems is that a designer can create anything starting with a flat two-dimensional shape. This shape can then be pulled and dragged by the mouse into three dimensions and its size and proportions adjusted. Pieces may be added or removed from the item and holes made. You can smooth any sharp edges into curves by adding fillets.

When you have an original shape, you can then add another shape and work on that too.

It is possible to add a circle to an original shape and by dragging the circle with the mouse, this then turns into a pin on the original shape. You can place a hole inside the pin and the database contains all the necessary data to create the correct hole for the dimensions required. All dimensions can be adjusted as the work progresses and this will also change the dimensions on any blueprints already created.

Once you have created the parts, they can be fitted together on the screen, allowing a work through of the actual build process. Nuts, bolts and washers can be added from the database as required, as can locking washers and other regular fittings. The program then allows for a test on the movement of hinged or working parts to show if there is any collision between parts. If collision is found, the parts can be adapted at this point in the program and all the information relating to that piece will be changed accordingly.

Working in this way, allows a business to create anything from nothing.

It is then possible to work through the actual build process. The article can be seen working at any stage through the process and any necessary adaption to the parts made at any point. Finally, it is possible to see the finished article working in full three-dimensional view.

During the whole process, the computer calculates the amount of material used, and the weight of each individual component. It keeps a log of all the component parts and the different sizes of standard data parts used. It also allows parts to be recalled for fitting in other areas of the tool.

With the use of such a detailed engineering CAD design program, a tool can be designed for any task.

There is no limit to the design possibilities. The whole process ensures that what is created is a working tool that is proved to be possible to build.

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