SOLIDWORKS Cake Cutout Conundrum

The Cake Cutout Conundrum*

A company employee brought a chocolate cake to the office with the intention of cutting it in half so that each half could be shared with the sales and technical groups at their separate weekly meetings. The office manager, who would not be attending either meeting, decided to take her share of the tasty treat before the cake was divided. Knowing that each group in the office appreciated equality, the cake baker was in a tough situation.

The office manager’s cut removed a rectangular piece in a random position and orientation, making it nearly impossible to make a clean cut that would divide the cake evenly. Being an extremely clever individual, the baker figured out a way to do so by making a cut along a single straight line. How did she make the cut to divide the cake into two even pieces?


If you know the answer, please send it in an email to with subject line “Cake Cutout Conundrum” and include a SolidWorks “cake” part (pan is optional) or a simple sketch showing the cut. Creating two separate bodies will allow the use of the Mass Properties tool to check your answer.
Answer to be provided in next month’s issue…
*Based on a segment from National Public Radio’s Car Talk weekly puzzler.

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