Changing Component Line Fonts

Not sure where you might see fit to use this, maybe it's been activated accidentally and you want to turn it off… but how?

Well if you wanted to change the font of a drawing view of a component maybe for a tech pub showing where component would be might be useful and selecting every line in the component seems like a waste then I have good news for you. There are 2 other options.

1) navigate to your drawing Feature Manager Design Tree, drill down to the view, and then to the component to change, and right click the component. Choose Component Line Font.

Component line font1

Here you have many options available.

Component line font2

You could also turn on the Line Format toolbar by right clicking the Command Manager ribbon and select Line Format. Then go to the Feature Manager Design Tree, drill down to the component, select it, then launch the Layer tool from the Line Format toolbar, then click the new layer and the Move button.

Component Line Font3

Happy holidays,
John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support

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