Christmas Cards in SolidWorks!

Each year we send out a Christmas card to our valued customers and partners. This year, we decided to create our own image for the front of the card. We challenged our application engineers to create a rendering using only SOLIDWORKS and PhotoWorks (a photo-realistic rendering software that runs inside of SOLIDWORKS and is included in any of the SOLIDWORKS Office products.) What they came up with may suprise you. PhotoWorks has made leaps and bounds in its ability to quickly and easily produce realistic lighting and materials. Mark Biasotti, the product manager for PhotoWorks, previously worked for a major industrial design company, IDEO, where rendering realistic images is of the highest importance. His experience and emphasis on high end lighting, materials, and technology have propelled PhotoWorks forward. If you haven’t given PhotoWorks a try recently, it is worth another look. See our winner and other entries below.

Our Winner! (click for larger versions)

Christmas Card Entry 1

Rendered by Robert Warren, 3DVision Technologies

Christmas Card Entry 2

Rendered by Scott High, 3DVision Technologies

Christmas Card Entry 3

Rendered by Vikram Vedantham, 3DVision Technologies

Christmas Card Entry 4

Rendered by Loren Welch, 3DVision Technologies

Christmas Card Entry 5

Rendered by Scott Baugh, 3DVision Technologies

Christmas Card Entry 6

Rendered by Seth Bischoff, 3DVision Technologies

Hope you enjoyed our PhotoWorks renderings. Don’t forget that if you have SOLIDWORKS Office Professional or SOLIDWORKS Office Premium, you have access to this great tool. Happy Rendering and Merry Christmas.

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