Cincinnati or bust

What do Skip Prosser, Thad Matta and Scott High have in common? They all totally dominated in Xavier’s Cintas Center!

Xavier Basketball Court
Today, in Cincinnati, was 3DVision’s first stop on our whirlwind tour showing off the new features of SOLIDWORKS 2009. The room we were in was only yards away from the Musketeer’s home court. It was pretty cool.

It was great fun watching people’s reaction when they saw the new features for the first time. I like to think the new BOM features found in Enterprise stole the show, but the crowd seemed to be the most interested in the PhotoView 360 package.

Scott High in action

(The pic above is of Scott in action. With those two bright projector screens my cheap camera phone didn’t have a chance!)

Vik Vedantham was wearing gray slacks and an oversized gray sweatshirt with his orange 3DVision shirt underneath. I don’t know who his barber is, I hope Vik tipped him well, he did a great job –overall a great ensemble.

There were no groupies; but this is our first stop. I am hopeful they will start showing at our other events.

See ya in Toledo.

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