Circular References Quiz

You think you are hot stuff eh? You’ve gone through all the training classes -been studying for the CSWP, think you got SOLIDWORKS licked? I have two words can make even the most seasoned SOLIDWORKS user cringe…”circular references”.

I’ll give you a minute for your breathing to recover. <Sorry> You come to the 3DVision blog to be entertained and maybe learn something, and I spring that on you.

Circular references are a rather advanced topic because they are difficult to find and fix, yet sadly it is beginner users who get them the most often.

The Engineering Data Specialist’s handbook describes circular references as: When one thing defines another and that second thing in turn defines the first thing. [Hey, we work with data all day, we don’t need to speak English very goodly.]

This zip file <CLICK HERE> contains two assemblies. Each assembly contains a different type of circular references. Here is the quiz. Open the two assemblies and see how long it takes you to find each problem. We’ll discuss these in future posts.

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