Computer Aided Technology 2017 Product Development Forum

, Computer Aided Technology 2017 Product Development Forum

It’s that time of year again! Computer Aided Technology, InFlow Technology and MCAD will be hosting our annual Product Development Forum and this time we will also be celebrating our 25th anniversary!

During our forums we will have raffles and prizes, live Stratasys 3D printing and Creaform 3D Scanning demonstrations, model mania contests and “Ask an Expert” sessions. Our presentations will be covering a wide range of topics including:

30 Things You Definitely Missed In SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training

Gain some insight into the glossed over, rarely hit, or just plain missing essentials. With the amount of material covered in the essentials class, there is no way to possibly cover it all, let alone retain it. Studies show that only up to 25 percent of material is retained from visual presentations. Attendees will get a fast-paced look at what they might have missed, glossed over, or forgotten from Essentials.

Choosing the Right PDM System For Your Business’ Needs: SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vs. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

This session explores the different capabilities between SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and PDM Professional and will help determine which one is best for you. This session also offers advice on when is it necessary to upgrade from Standard to Professional.

SOLIDWORKS Design For 3D Printing

With the increased use of 3D Printers, SOLIDWORKS designers take their 3D SOLIDWORKS designs and create 3D-printed parts. This session will teach attendees the best modeling practices for 3D printing and how to design in SOLIDWORKS to create the best 3D-printed parts, multi-body parts, and assemblies with correct clearances.

Leveraging 3D Scanning for Inspection and Quality Control

Learn how leveraging 3D Scanning can help optimize your Inspection and Quality Control Process. Our team of experts will discuss the concept and show examples with real-life components.

SOLIDWORKS Redneck Workarounds

Attendees will learn how day-to-day modeling and administrative challenges are overcome with some inventive and sometimes bizarre methods. They will be able to look at design road-blocks from a different perspective to quickly come up with solutions that speed up their SOLIDWORKS design process.

Our next events will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 6th, Kansas City, MO on June 13th and St. Louis, MO on June 14th. We will have a complimentary breakfast starting at 8:30 am and kicking things off with the SOLIDWORKS training at 9am. In between the sessions, feel free to walk around and talk with our SOLIDWORKS, PDM, Printing and Scanning technicians about any new products or techniques that you’ve been working with! For more information, check out our event page. To register for an event, please click on one of the links below. We look forward to seeing you there!







The InFlow Technical Team
, Computer Aided Technology 2017 Product Development Forum

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