"Configured" Weldment Profiles for SOLIDWORKS 2014

New in SOLIDWORKS 2014 is the ability to have Weldment Profiles with CONFIGURATIONS in them.

This is a significant improvement as far as file management goes.

Just for example if you had downloaded the 2013 ANSI Inch profiles from the SOLIDWORKS content area of your Design Library (you knew you could do that right ??), the Rectangular Tube folder alone had 233 files to manage ! One for EACH different size.
If you wanted to add a property to your profiles or modify a few of the profiles you had to open EACH ONE and make the changes… whew !

The other fantastic thing about this is if you build a weldment and then want to change the structural members to a different size, in 2013 and before you were physically changing to a different FILE and most likely had to re-position the profiles to locate them, and/or would lose mates to the members if you were using the weldment in an assembly.
NOT in 2014 !! If you want to make this change in 2014 you are just changing to a different configuration so nothing gets lost or moved.

Now, where do you get these new 2014 Weldment profiles with the configurations ??
Eventually you will be able to get them from the SOLIDWORKS Content area in the Design Library, but for now, just download them at the link below !


Don’t say 3DVision Technologies doesn’t take care of you…  🙂

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