Constant Velocity Motion Along A Multi Directional Path

The Animation and Basic Motion options work well for most animations, including movement along straights, and gradual curves in a path.  What do you do when the path is not a single direction?

To accomplish movement around sharp radii corners or a closed loop you will need to use the SOLIDWORKS Motion Add-In, and Motion Analysis.

  • Create the path component with a stationary reference object.
  • Mate the moving component to the path using the path mate.
  • Define a velocity results plot referencing one of the moving objects faces.

Step One

  • Instead of a motor use an Action Reaction Force with an expression to govern the movement.
  • The expression has a 10 as a multiplier and specifies that the 4(units of velocity) is the speed you wish to obtain.
  • Subtracting the reported velocity achieves this speed based on the force balance.

Step Two

The result is a smooth animation as seen in the examples below.

Path 1024x585

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