Copy Tree puts copy/paste in the tomb

I usually have my staff answer my letters. They do a good job in beijing, and since they include an autographed 8×10″ glossy of me in all of their replies I think everyone agrees the system works out pretty good. The best part is, a good percentage of the time the staff gets the answers correct.

Here is a letter I saw the other day:

Dear Engineering Data Specialist Man,
Is there a way to copy (and paste) a parent file in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM and keep all of the reference files attached to the new pasted file? I can copy and paste a parent file into the same folder in EPDM (the file name automatically changes when it is pasted) but none of the reference files stay attached. Any suggestions?
L. Croft, U.K.

Dear Ms. Croft, instead of copy/paste, try using EPDM’s “Copy Tree” functionality. It will preserve any tree structure- even the structure of non-CAD files! Take a look at this example:


Here, I simply added ” – Copy” as a suffix through the “Transform” button.


Now, if I wanted the new “Parent” to reference the original “Child” I would have left off the “Copy” checkmark in the child’s row. This Hope this helps, and say “hi” to Mr. Gard for me!

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