Create an Options File for the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager

The SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) can use what we call an “Options File” to gain more control over your network license usage. This administrative control includes preventing users or groups from borrowing certain license types, reserving certain license types for specific users or groups, and setting an idle time limit when borrowing licenses. Upon manually creating this Options File, it will need to be linked to the existing SNL and re-activated to be established.

To create this SNL Options File, we need to generate a blank text editing document. Notepad or Notepad++ is the preferred tool to use when creating this Options File. Once inside Notepad, or your preferred text editor, the options are virtually limitless. Below is a listing of possible commands that can be used to create an SNL Options File (for a complete list of Options File keywords, see Chapter 13 of the FLEXlm End Users Guide).

AUTOMATIC_REREAD Turn off automatic reread of licenses at midnight
BORROW_LOWWATER Set the number of borrow licenses that cannot be borrowed
EXCLUDE Denies a user access to a feature
EXCLUDE_BORROW Denies a user access to borrow a license
EXCLUDEALL Denies a user access to all features
GROUP Defines a group of users to use with any options
INCLUDE Allows a user to use a feature
INCLUDE_BORROW Allows a user to borrow a license
INCLUDEALL Gives a user access to every feature served by the vendor daemon
MAX Prioritize the usage among the users
MAX_BORROW_HOURS Sets a limit for the number of hours a license can be borrowed
RESERVE Sets licenses aside for use by a group of users
TIMEOUT Sets a timeout for any feature before it is automatically returned
TIMOUTALL Set timeout for all features


Below is a listing of possible license types/products and their associated FLEXlm name.


SOLIDWORKS Standard solidworks
SOLIDWORKS Office swoffice
SOLIDWORKS Professional swofficepro
SOLIDWORKS Premium swofficepremium
SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Professional swofficepremium_cwpro
SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Premium swofficepremium_cwadvpro
eDrawings Professional edrw


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard cae_cwstd
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional cae_cwpro
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium cae_cwadvpro
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation cae_cosmosfloworkspe
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation HVAC Module cae_cosmosfloworks_hvac
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronic Cooling Module cae_cosmosfloworks_elec
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability swsustainability
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard plastics_professional
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional plastics_premium
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium plastics_advanced


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor swepdm_cadeditor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor & Web swepdm_cadeditorandweb
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Contributor swepdm_contributor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Contributor & Web swepdm_contributorandweb
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Processor License swepdm_processor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Viewer swepdm_viewer
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web swepdm_web
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard CAD Editor swpdmstd_cadeditor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Contributor swpdmstd_contributor
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Viewer swpdmstd_viewer


CircuitWorks circuitworks
SOLIDWORKS Electircal 2D elec2d
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D elec3d
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional elecpro

Technical Communication

SOLIDWORKS Composer swcomposer
SOLIDWORKS Composer Check swcomposer_check
SOLIDWORKS Composer Path Planning swcomposer_pathplanning
SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro swcomposer_playerpro
SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync swcomposer_sync
SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync swcomposer_syncenterprise
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional swinspection_pro
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard swinspection_std


DraftSight Enterprise draftsightpremium


Many times, groups are assigned first, followed by the commands you want to enforce for those groups or user(s). The following is an example of a possible Options File.

, Create an Options File for the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager

The text above specifies three different groups: Engineering, Intern, and Simulation. The group specific as Intern is excluded from using the SOLIDWORKS Premium license. The users in the Intern group are also not able to borrow SOLIDWORKS licenses. One license of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is reserved for the Simulation group. Lastly, the licenses will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity (1800 seconds). These Options Files can be as simple or complex as necessary.

Once this custom text file is generated, save it as sw_d.opt somewhere you can browse to from the server machine. Launch the SolidNetWork License Manager and within the Server Administration tab, click on the Modify… button to launch the Product Activation window.

, Create an Options File for the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager

Next, select on the Activate/Reactivate your product license(s) and click Next. On the next screen, click the checkbox Options File: and click the Browse button to select on the Options File that was just created (sw_d.opt).


Finish the Activation/Reactivation process in which you should eventually see a “Result” screen which reads Activation/Reactivation Succeeded. Your newly created license file is now active.

Nathan Marsh
Application Support Engineer II
Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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