Customer Story: WallX

, Customer Story: WallXCreative problem-solving is at the heart of what it means to be an entrepreneur. That’s what Greg Dempsey sought to do when he came up with WallX: solve a problem.

“I built homes for a long time, and I always had trouble hanging things on walls,” Greg says. “You kept seeing new products come out, but none of them were a one-stop solution. So I thought, hey, let’s figure this out.” And figure it out he did. It may have taken several years, but finally, Greg designed a universal hub wall hanging solution, which is now patent-pending, the xHang Picture Hanging System. “Sometimes we call it an operating system for walls. Once you learn how to install the hub, you can hang anything on the wall. You just decide whether it’ll need a nail, a screw, or an adhesive, based on how much it weighs. Once you’ve done that, it becomes a really easy thing to do.”

Designing the solution was the easy part. But figuring out how to store all that product lifecycle information? That’s another problem to solve. Greg looked to SOLIDWORKS for the solution and found the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program to help with getting SOLIDWORKS PDM. With SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs, WallX gets:

And many other benefits, as well as training and support from Computer Aided Technology. The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program allows great ideas like WallX the extra boost they need to get off the ground. “I’m really excited about SOLIDWORKS PDM,” says Greg. “I’m a designer, and we’re notoriously unorganized. I can’t wait for the PDM to create an organized system of saving everything, and once we make a tiny change, we upload it to the vault.” Also, as they design more and more product attachments to partner with the WallX hub, these can be designed, organized, and stored in PDM. And with a growing team, SOLIDWORKS PDM allows WallX to get best practices in place as new designers join along to expand and improve upon their product line. “We couldn’t go where we’re headed without the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program, and I’m really excited to see where our partnership with CATI takes us.” We’re excited to see where WallX goes next!

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