Dear Mr. Guy that invented DimXpert

The folks at SOLIDWORKS always say that the product is driven by enhancement requests. I know quite a few people at SOLIDWORKS read these blogs so this is my open letter enhancement request to them…

Dear Mr. Guy that invented DimXpert:

You are a genius. The ability to quickly put dimensions on a drawing following manufacturing guidelines (not design intent) is the greatest thing since, well since ever! Whatever you are getting paid, I am sure it is not enough because the DimXpert has saved zillions of people hours of time [and embarrassment from machinists] and helped them produce more accurate drawings.

I know you are busy, but if you have a few minutes (it’s just code right?!) I have a few enhancements I’d like you to look over:

  • Once I define my datums, don’t make me redefine them every time I restart the routine.
  • Allow me to put the created dimensions on an isometric annotation view (just one view on a drawing, fully detailed? How cool that would be!)
  • More power in the auto dimension routine. The automation still misses too many faces. (This is especially true for angled planar faces!)
    • As a sub-comment manually adding location dimensions is too many mouse clicks, I’d love to be able to use the smart dimension tool, just please highlight the datums when I am in “smart dimension” mode to help me remember what I want to smart dimension to.
  • I want to use ordinate dimensions!

Again, I love the DimXpert -those that aren’t using it are missing out, but if you could get to some of the ideas above, I’ll vote for you for “man of the year”


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