Differences between uPrint and Dimension 3D printers

The most noticeable difference, other than price, between the uPrint and Dimension printers is the size. The uPrint’s build envelope measures 8″x6″x6″, the Dimension Elite measures 8″x8″x12″, and the 1200es measures 10″x10″x12″. Dimension noticed that 80% of the parts printed on Dimension machines fit inside this smaller envelope size. The smaller build envelope also means that the machine can heat up to the 77 degrees Celsius required for modeling faster.

The uPrint only offers one layer resolution .010. The means that every part is sliced into layers measuring .010 thick. The Dimension line offers the ability to choose between .007 and .010 on the Elite and .010 and .013 on the 1200es. In most cases Dimension users only use the lower of the two choices so the uPrint is a great option for most users.

The uPrint is built off the 1200’s technology so both are up to 30% faster than the Dimension Elite printer. The uPrint and 1200es also offer the ability to rotate your part 90 degrees after slicing. That means you can pack more parts onto one tray without slicing a part once in one direction and then slicing the same part in the opposite direction. The Elite does not offer this because the head does not toggle between model and support.

All three machines use the same ABSplus model material. The uPrint currently only offers one color, white. The Elite and 1200es offer White, Black, Blue, Olive Green, Nectarine, Fluorescence Yellow, Steel Gray and Natural. The uPrint and Elite only support the soluble support material. The Dimension 1200es offers the option of either breakaway OR soluble support.

The uPrint material comes in spools containing 30 cubic inches. Dimension material comes in cartridges containing 56.3 cubic inches. With the uPrint you can choose to add a second material bay which doubles your capacity to 60 cubic inches and gives you the ability to build with one spool while reloading the second.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out the Dimension line of products I encourage you to check them out for yourself.

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