Do 3 things at once ! INTERSECT command (pt. 2)

My last blog ( showed an example of performing what used to take multiple, time consuming steps to complete in the past, done with one step in SOLIDWORKS 2013 with the new INTERSECT command.

This post will show another very powerful example…


Here we have an open surface body (open on the bottom), and we want to add that to a solid body.


In the past this could have been done a few different ways, such as offsetting a surface from the top faces of the solid, knitting those together and using that to trim the surface body back to hopefully get a closed volume so that it could be thickened into a solid.  Then you would still have to use the Combine command to add the two solids together.  WHEW !

In SOLIDWORKS 2013 just use the INTERSECT command to do it all in one step !

In the INTERSECT command select both the Surface Body and the Solid Body then click the Intersect button.


No need to select any Regions To Exclude (because we want to keep both), and be sure to turn ON Consume Surfaces at the bottom.

Hit OK and there you go !    One Solid Body that is the combination of the surfaces and the solid !


Easy easy !

Give it a try…

Stay tuned for another great example of the INTERSECT command.

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