Do 3 things at once ! INTERSECT command (pt. 3)

This post will show one last example of the INTERSECT command that is new in SOLIDWORKS 2013.

As mentioned in my last two posts (  & this new command can be used to perform in one easy step what used to take multiple, time consuming commands to complete in the past.

In this example we have a “cavity” type area that we need to “fill” with a solid…


In the past you could have Offset all the inner faces to get surface bodies, Knit them together, and then tried to Thicken them to hopefully get a Solid Body inside the void.

In SOLIDWORKS 2013 just use the INTERSECT command to do all this in one command !

In the INTERSECT command, choose the two Solid Bodies and click the Intersect button.   For the Regions To Exclude, select the same two original bodies.



Hit OK, and there you have it !


A Solid Body easily created from the “void” of two other Solid Bodies.

Other uses for this would be if you wanted to quickly find the VOLUME of a void (like inside a bottle…)

Example from Jordan Tadic of 3DVision:

, Do 3 things at once ! INTERSECT command (pt. 3)

So Easy!  Give it a try!

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