Drawing Templates

Since this is my first blog and because I have a goal of obtaining half as many fans as Mr. Sweeney already has, I have come bearing gifts. One of the most popular questions that’s asked during our training classes is, “Can you help me set up some drawing templates?” The reason this is a popular question is because it’s not fun! We’re 3D modelers; we’ve grown out of the phase of drawing boring lines and notes all over the screen.

The other reason the question gets asked is the fact that the templates SOLIDWORKS supplies are a bit lame. It’s actually no fault of SolidWorks. Their theory is that everyone’s going to have such a customized version, there’s no use in supplying a detailed template. Still, when I supply my basic drawing templates to customers, they usually respond by telling me, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!” So, if you’re looking for a basic template or at least a better starting point to create your own templates from, try out these files and see if they might be what you’re looking for. Make sure to read the ‘README’ file that I’ve included… Enjoy!

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