Easiest 3D Sketch,... EVER.

Creating a Weldment frame, a layout for a lofted feature or surface, or ANYthing that needs a 3D Sketch ??
Want to create that 3D Sketch in the EASIEST way, EVER ?!

Just make an EXTRUSION of the shape you need, then start a new 3D Sketch. Turn on your EDGE filter !! (“e” key for most people), and WINDOW SELECT the entire part, and CONVERT ENTITIES !!
E-A-S-Y !!

(you may want to go to Wireframe mode before window selecting, depending on your settings for TOOLS-OPTIONS-SYSTEM OPTIONS-DISPLAY/SELECTION-Selection of Hidden Edges)

You could THEN just HIDE the solid, or do a DELETE BODY on it.

Think how much easier this is to EDIT for changes !!

easy 3D Sketch

You can of course get A LOT more complicated than my example with multiple extrudes, extrudes up to surfaces, trimming with planes or surfaces first, etc….

Have FUN !!

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