eDrawings...3 Useful Tricks

Here are some great tips when using eDrawings.

1. Open any SOLIDWORKS assembly inside of eDrawings and press the “E” key.
The assembly explodes without an exploded configuration. You can rotate the assembly and measure it.
Press the “E” key again and watch it collapse.

2. Something else you can do in eDrawings is hiding components in the assembly. If you Right Click on any component, you have the option to hide it. This will allow you to see inside the assembly. Right Click again and you can show all hidden components. You can also make individual components transparent. You do the same thing that you did to hide components but choose to change the transparency.

3. Here’s one more trick. If you Right Click on a component in your assembly, you can choose “New Part Document”. This will create a new part inside of eDrawings. This is great if you only got the assembly from your customer but you need see the individual files.

Give these a try and let me know what you think.

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