Eight reasons why DriveWorks is better than pizza

Pizza -without a doubt, mankind’s greatest achievement. It doesn’t take a back seat to being on the moon or even those over-hyped pyramids. However, I’ve argued even DriveWorks is better than pizza. Here is why:

  1. SolidWorks’ “Pack and go” is a nice little application, but you didn’t go to school to spend hours at a time copying existing designs and tweaking them to your needs.
  2. DriveWorks helps ensure you don’t make typos or other silly mistakes looking through charts, lookup tables or trying to remember your company’s “tribal knowledge”.
  3. You don’t get DriveWorks sauce on your shirt.
  4. Taking an average design cycle down from days to minutes would give you time to improve your designs rather and simply putting out the same product year after year.
  5. Allowing your customers to specify your products on-line is crazy cool. (Plus you don’t have to talk to them as often on the phone.)
  6. When your sales force has DriveWorks, they don’t “sell first then ask engineering if they can make it later”….or at least not as often.
  7. You don’t burn your mouth on DriveWorks.
  8. Putting together quotes is faster, easier -and because the CAD work is complete, more accurate. You’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy, like eating pizza.


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