Enterprise Users Want Their Stable Item Numbers

I awoke this morning to an angry mob at my front door. Millions of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM users with pitchforks and torches. Apparently they had read yesterday’s blog where I had given the SOLIDWORKS nation the information they have been yearning for on keeping stable balloon numbers for the components in their assemblies.

[I suppose it is logical. This group of users is typically very interested in sharing BOM information with other systems -yet Enterprise’s calculated BOM doesn’t have balloon numbers?]

We want our stable item numbers!!” they shouted.

I quickly pulled out my projector & trusty laptop and displayed this image on the side of my house:


Look!“, I shouted

Any BOM table you put in your drawings or assemblies can be displayed in the ‘Bill of Materials’ tab. They are available in the dropdown list under BOM type! So if you followed yesterday’s blog correctly, all of the work you put into that BOM table can be displayed here for everyone to enjoy!

Now, you! Pick up that blood! …and if you all come back peacefully tomorrow I’ll show you another way to get item numbers into your Enterprise BOMs!

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