So as if HD wasn’t enough for the 2D world of television, ESPN recently announced that they are going to begin broadcasting sporting events in 3D.  This is all going to start with this year’s World Cup taking place in South Africa in June.  I am a huge fan of sports and obviously a pretty big fan of 3D as well.  However, I have no idea what to expect when I see football players scattered across my living room.  A lot of questions are beginning to pop into my head…  Where will we get those goofy glasses?  Will they be delivered in the TV Guides?  Are TV Guides still being printed?  Are companies going to begin producing “stylish” 3D glasses?

Anyways, my biggest question is – If 2D televisions are going to start displaying in 3D, what can we expect of 3D modeling software interfaces in the near future??

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