F120 3D Printer Makes Industrial 3D Printing Affordable

F120With the release of the Stratasys F120, Stratasys continues its trend of offering more affordable 3D printing options for specialized markets. The F120 is an easy-to-use industrial-grade 3D printer in an office-friendly size. Combining the speed and efficiency of the F123-Series with larger material canisters allows greater productivity and design freedom. 

Like the rest of the F123 lineup, the F120 is built to be used in an office space and used directly by engineers, designers and the like (even those without prior 3D printing experience) to produce professional prototypes and parts. F120’s smaller size and price make sense especially for smaller-scale operations with financial or space restrictions, without compromising quality and accuracy.

Stratasys F120 Features

The Stratasys F120 has a number of features that make it well-suited for smaller-scale industrial-grade 3D printing:

  • Easy “plug and print” install with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and GrabCAD Print software
  • Office-friendly size (35″ x 34.25″ x 28.37″)
  • Larger (4x the competition) filament boxes for 250 hours of uninterrupted and reliable printing
  • Lower maintenance than competitor models, plus technical support for easy upkeep
  • FDM printing technology with ABS and ASA materials for accurate design and multiple applications 

Applications of the Stratasys F120

Using the most popular and common of FDM thermoplastics (ASA and ABS), the Stratasys F120 can be readily used for rapid prototyping, end-use parts, and tooling for industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, to consumer goods, as well as general manufacturing needs. 

According to Gina Scala, director of global education at Stratasys, “the F120 can decentralize 3D printing and make it more accessible for design studios, offices, and education. The argument for the F120 is that customers will be able to replace desktop 3D printers and create reliable and accurate parts without a lot of technical know-how.”

Stratasys F120 Price

The Stratasys F120 can be purchased for around 12K and available to order now

Adopting Industrial 3D Printing

For more information and current pricing promotions for the Stratasys F120 and industrial 3D printing options contact us

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