F123 Series Build Tray Guide

Substrates for the Stratasys F123 Series are like those used with Mojo systems and are made of the same grade ABS. One substrate is used for all model materials. Substrates are sized according to the system model number. It’s recommended to populate trays from front to back since the hot air flows from both sides.

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Be sure to remove all materials before reusing trays by forcefully flexing the substrate using multiple angles. Bend the tray over a large solid/stationary object if necessary. Lift and scrape (without digging into the substrate), with a durable putty knife like the one provided with the new printer kit.

Build Trays:

Always use gloves when inside the oven AND whenever handling the build trays. The trays that are kept in better condition will be more reliable.

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System Preparation:

  • Use new build substrates when a successful build is critical.
  • Substrates can be reused, especially when there is a lot of surface area between the base and substrate. Part adhesion does decrease as substrates become used. Be sure to avoid any contamination and remove all materials from previous builds before reusing trays
  • Reused build trays can be difficult to lock into place (use two hands – with gloves)
  • Ensure the tray is properly seated before engaging the locking mechanism to prevent jamming or disengagement issues
  • If the oven is warm when inserting a tray, the tray may curl the moment you put it on the metal. It’s then difficult to get all four corners down while pushing up on the handle.
  • The solution is to rest the tray on the platen upside down for a few seconds. It will curl as before, but now you can flip it over and get all corners in while lifting on the handle to lock it down.

F123 Series General Build Considerations

  • Reused build trays can be difficult to lock into place (use two gloved hands)
  • When switching between materials, clean the oven chamber

PLA Tips and Tricks for Packing & System Prep

  • Pack many parts into a single build, this increases the time between the layers, likely making support removal easier
  • If a part with lots of small features is failing to build in a pack with other blockier parts, try printing this part by itself, or as a pack of multiples.

I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of how important it is to take good care of the build trays and helps with any handling questions and/or any part placement guidelines.

David Survant
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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