Finding THAT Needle in a Haystack!!

I was reading the SOLIDWORKS Community online journal when I came across an interesting passage that underscored the need for an integrated data management solution to keep track of analysis results.

At a time where huge amounts of data circulate through computers and servers, it is almost way too easy to misplace information. Haystacks of information are growing ever larger and the needles ever smaller!!

It is a routine procedure in a battery of analysis tests to make numerous modifications to geometry based on the simulation results. More often than not, reverting back to an older iteration is a common procedure. Hence, the need to accurately document simulation results even during the course of one project cannot be over-emphasized. Adding to the mix is data misplaced, lost in transition, or unsystematically archived when it has to be cross-referenced for subsequent projects. The location of folders and drives often resides on the minds of a few individuals in the organization, whose loss implies time, energy and dollars disappearing down the drain.

The need for a PDM/PLM solution cannot be overlooked. For COSMOS users, it might be worthwhile to consider using PDMWorks to check-in COSMOS analyses results into the vault along with SOLIDWORKS model revisions. This can be done by simply activating a flag while checking a model into the vault. This assures that the .CWR file (COSMOSWorks Results file) travels along with the model through its journey in digital space.

So the next time such data is lost, it would be prudent to deliberate over a tool like PDMWorks to understand archiving data better. After all, who likes to lose luggage at the baggage terminal after a long flight?!!

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