First days at SOLIDWORKS World

Dear Mom and Dad:

I was going to send you a postcard telling you about the fun time I have been having at SOLIDWORKS World 2010, but the 27 cents for postage seemed a bit steep so I hope you enjoy reading this blog instead.

SOLIDWORKS dropped a bomb shell on everyone during Monday’s general session. They announced plans to put SOLIDWORKS in “the cloud”. Wow, this could be big! No more video card issues, no more upgrades, service packs, even crashes could be a thing of the past. Nearly everything we’ve understood about the SOLIDWORKS applications could change due to this news. The big caution I have for you is to not base any of your business decisions on this yet. This is still all concept work and saying “I’ll just wait to do something because SOLIDWORKS will be on the cloud soon” could mean a lot of missed revenue. With technology, you need to live in the present, keep an eye on the future. –If you wait till something better comes along, you’ll always be waiting.

Tuesday’s session was much less formal and highlighted an interview with James Cameron. The interview began with a ten minute video showing many behind the scenes of his movie Avatar. I always enjoy listening to people such as him…people who have done more things in a year vs a lifetime of nearly everyone else I know. I felt his message was to always plan and prepare to ensure you will not fail, yet don’t be afraid to try new things. Rest assured he said it much more eloquently than I just did.

Don’t forget to feed the goldfish and say hi to Aunt Eleanor for me!


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