Game Show: Why won't these references update?

Welcome everyone to America’s favorite game show: “Why won’t these references update?!” I’m your favorite game show host Guy Smiley.

Today we have two challengers. Our first challenger enjoys hopscotch and talking to her gold fish, say hello to Penelope Pendelton!

Our second player enjoys working in his store, Mr. Hooper.

Here is the challenge: Today we received a set of files from an outside contractor. Our producers have copied the files from our ftp site and have added them to our network as shown here:



The challenge we have for the two of you today is that the “182T.SLDPRT” file is a standard product of our company and we wish for you to change the assembly’s reference to no longer load the file from this downloaded directory, but to use the file in our standard parts library instead:


The winner of today’s challenge receives a coloring book autographed by me, Guy Smiley.

On your mark, get set, go!

Our challenger, Penelope wastes no time opening SOLIDWORKS and changing the reference through the “Reference” button in SolidWorks’ Open dialog box.


She quickly opens and saves the assembly and clicks her buzzer. 37 seconds, an unbelievable time.

Now it is our champion, Mr. Looper’s turn.


Mr. Hooper notices the assembly is stored in SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, so he uses EPDM’s “Update Reference” tool to change the reference in only twenty seconds!

It looks like Mr. Snooper has easily won this challenge, but let’s wait for the judge’s final decision.

Our judges go to each challenger’s computer, open each assembly and find the assemblies are still referencing the original motor! Neither method worked! Are we doomed to never have this assembly reference the file from the library like we want?

Both assemblies were checked out, the assembly files have a new time date stamp …what happened?

Tune in tomorrow to learn: “Why won’t these references update?!”

(Hint: This is not an EPDM issue.)

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