Get Design Changes To The Manufacturing Team Quickly With SOLIDWORKS Composer

Quick – how long does it take you to get your design changes communicated to the manufacturing team?

Your answer depends on many things, including stakeholders and workflow, but if the bottleneck is your documentation process, read on to discover a real-world example of how you can repurpose your hard-earned CAD data to also quickly provide manufacturing instructions.

In the video below, Yaris Kabin shows us some output from SOLIDWORKS Composer. (Note they are using a touch-screen device on the shop floor.) The operator is able to quickly gather information about the assembly process with interactive parts lists and the ability to rotate the images in 3D space to get an alternate look at the design. Imagine getting interactive instructions in a 3D format that shows you exactly the steps to follow, vs. traditional paper (2D) documentation that needs to be updated any time a change takes place.

And that takes us to one of the value points of Composer – using digital media to present the assembly instruction set means we can update the digital media quickly, efficiently and accurately. No more searching for the latest (paper) instruction card or pdf – it’s right at your workstation. Any design changes made in the CAD software can be updated easily using Composer and new parts lists and 3D display windows can be produced in minutes. Upload this output to your manufacturing workstations and now everyone has the latest assembly instructions!

Contact us if you’d like to see a demonstration with your files.


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