Go Go Gadget Blog

Want to get the 3DVision Technologies Blog delivered to a Windows 7 Desktop Gadget? Easy…no install required.

1. Go to this link in Internet Explorer. http://www.3dvision.com/wordpress/index.php/feed
2. Select the “Subscribe to this Feed”. This will add it to a list of feeds that IE can share with Windows Gadgets.
3. Now, right-click on the Windows desktop, select Gadgets.
4. Drag the “Feed Headlines” gadget to the desktop.


5. On the right of the gadget find the wrench icon. This is the settings.
6. In the settings change “All Feeds” to “3DVision Technologies Blog”

I like to expand the Gadget to the larger size and select 10 headlines. Now you’ll have a quick snapshot of what is being talked about at 3DVision.

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