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GrabCAD Print Release Notes

Note for PolyJet users: Please update the Job Manager from the Printer Settings screen. More info.

Interested in trying new features of GrabCAD Print before they are released? Sign up here to request beta access: Current betas include an advanced slicer for J750. You can also test the latest version of GrabCAD Print in your environment a few days before it becomes available generally as part of the Early Visibility Program.

GrabCAD Print version 1.23, October 2018

Build number released on 17 October 2018

  • There are several improvements to the History report:
    • The export for Job History is now available in both .XLSX and .CSV formats, with .XLSX being the default.
    • To distinguish printing time from warmup and other time spent during the job, the “Duration” column is now split into “Total Job Time” which is the total elapsed time between beginning and end, and “Total Print Time” which excludes time when the printer was paused or warming up.
    • A new column in the History View shows the list of parts in the job. Quantities of the same part will be displayed with a (#) after the part name. For example “HingePin(3)”. Currently this feature is only available for FDM printers. (Note: Jobs printed with GrabCAD Print 1.22 and older will show encrypted part names here.)
    • For FDM printers, the exported Job History now includes two columns for support and model tip sizes.
  • Parts can be printed using Ultem 9085 at .013” resolution on the Fortus 450mc printer
  • Models are displayed in either Matte or Glossy according to the material properties that are set

GrabCAD Print version 1.22, September 2018

Build number released on 26 September 2018

  • There is a new preference option to disable automatic updates of GrabCAD Print. You will still be notified when an update is available.
  • There is a new preference option to make import of CAD files more precise, this will add more triangles to the mesh that represents the CAD file. However this will affect performance.
  • With this release, we fixed certain issues with how printers connect to GrabCAD Print (including the printer list disappearing after an update) and improved our error reporting to better address potential connectivity issues in the future.
  • Models can now be auto-oriented for all FDM printers, which orients models to generate the least support material.
  • Jobs can now be printed using support material as the base layer on the F123 printers for both ABS and ASA when using .005” resolution. This increases risk of tray adhesion issues, but will allow you to more easily remove small parts.
  • On FDM printers where double-dense infill is available, hexagram infill style is now an option. This pattern is very strong and efficient to build.
  • Office hours and delayed print start may allow for a queue to seem empty in Schedule View when it isn’t, so there is a new button which appears when you need to scroll right to see the queued jobs.
  • When clicking on a job currently printing in Schedule View you will now see an estimate of how much material will be remaining upon completion of the job. And for FDM printers, you can also see an estimate of the starting material levels for the following job.
  • The seam (where the toolpath begins and ends for FDM printers) is now visible in Slice Preview.
  • Parts can be printed using Antero 800NA on the 450mc printer.

John Dessoffy
Field Service Manager
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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