Group Members for your Datacard

You’ve designed the perfect folder datacard for your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM setup. It is a great little folder card listing project due date, description and even have a nice little droplist for your users to pick the proper project manager.

But wait! You’ve noticed there is no way to get a list of just your project managers! What’s a girl to do?!

List Properties

The solution is easy with Engineering Data Specialist Man! Create a new list, make it a SQL query and enter in this SQL statement:

, Group Members for your Datacard


SELECT Users.Username
 Groups ON GroupMembers.GroupID = Groups.GroupID INNER JOIN
 Users ON GroupMembers.UserID = Users.UserID
WHERE (Groups.Groupname = 'Engineers') AND (Users.Enabled = 1)

Now, assuming you have assigned your project managers on the root level, you have a list for your card that will update as your project managers come and go.

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