Groupies in Dayton

The “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2009” tour has concluded. I think I am going to sleep for the next five days straight.

Here are the numbers:

  • 10 – events in 11 work days
  • 7 – cold cut lunches (special props to Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati for having at least warm food)…if I ever see another turkey sandwich…
  • 2701 – total miles traveled
  • 2 – number of times pulled over for speeding
  • 57 – number of times I said “PDMWorks Enterprise” instead of its new fangled name: “SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2009”
  • 4 – total number of times Vik changed his wardrobe decisions once he knew people were paying attention (though he wore a bulky sweater today – sorry ladies)


  • 5 – total number of groupies…we may have had more, but the marshal chased away several large groups in Columbus.

My first groupies[Make sure you click on the thumb nail for this pic]

  • 2 – Number of 3DVision guys who wore ties (Seth and Robert)

SethRobert and Jordan eating lunch

  • 0 – Number of people Seth and Robert were able to convince they were the CEO of 3DVision

As far as faces behind the voices, sadly I missed a pic of Reuben Felsheim, who made a surprise visit to the Columbus rollout. I did get a pic of Brendon Breitenstein our Dimension Technician:Seth and Brendon (That’s Brendon on the left, Seth on the right) Brendon also does some SOLIDWORKS support too, make sure you tell him I said “hi” if he gets your support call! -You’ll get extra special treatment!

Here is a final rundown of the events. Then I won’t have to think of these things until SOLIDWORKS 2010.

Off to bed.

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