GUI is for the birds

Great Aunt Eleanor took some time today away from her World of WarCraft to offer this advice: “Why do with a mouse what you can do with the keyboard?”

I blinked slowly as she handed me this listing of keyboard shortcuts you can use in the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM reference dialogs (check in, check out, change state etc.)

CTRL+A Select all items in file list
CTRL+L Check out all files (from the earlier versions when “lock” meant “checkout”)
CTRL+U Check in all files (unlock)
CTRL+K Keep all files checked out
CTRL+G Get all files
CTRL+R Increase revision on all files
CTRL+N Undo check out on all files
CTRL+O Remove local copies of all files
CTRL+S Use latest version of all files

After she shared this list with me, she went back to her game muttering about getting a keyboard shortcut to catch Mr. T.

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