Guided Selling

During the first day of DriveWorks World we had a special guest speaker, Paul Gimbel. I’ve been a big fan of Paul’s work since we first met in Cincinnati six+ years ago. He’s what I like to call a “nugget” speaker. –While the overall message of his talks are good, his talks are packed with little nuggets of gold that can always be applied to make things better.

Here’s a little nugget he shared with us, [so I’ll assume it is okay to share with you]. He spoke of “Guided Selling”. As your users navigate through your DriveWorks forms, try to present them with additional options that they could also get with your product. Hopefully they’ll learn more about your product and buy more than they originally planned to…i.e. ”Hey I didn’t know I could get that option in this product!”

You think does this because they are just nice guys? With a well designed DriveWorks form, you could be a “nice guy” too -by helping people buy more products from you.

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