Hear the Engineering Data Specialist Man on Solidworks:HEARD!

Great Aunt Eleanor always made sure I kept things in perspective. I still remember the day I got my first paper published with ASTM. I was so proud, but when I got home to show her the book, she quipped: “That’s nice dear, but have you been on SolidWorks:HEARD! yet?”

Well, well Aunt Eleanor! What do you think of me now?

In this episode Lou and I talk about some of the basic functions of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM and some advantages a company might experience if they adopted a PDM system in their workplace. I am pretty proud of it, swing over and listen!

I was pretty nervous before we started recording, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to record the episode. I was hoping to meet the opening band, but Lou explained to me they were just “bumper music” and he would add them in during the post process. <drat>

They rock.

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