How important is training in your organization?

Training is often viewed as a luxury and not as a necessity. The problem is training does more than build an employee’s skills; training is an investment in company recruitment, retention and output.

Training can no longer afford to be viewed as ‘optional’. In competitive markets, training is a matter of survival. When there are gaps in skills and capabilities there is an immediate increase in ineffectiveness and money is lost.

Statistically, the top user outcomes from training are:

Gained speed and effectiveness

Best practices with design and modeling

In-depth knowledge of tool functions and capabilities

While those seem like obvious outcomes, what may come as a surprise is to learn that an untrained user may require up to 22.5 hours to acquire the same skill level that it takes a trained employee just 5 hours to master.  Just as important, for every hour of training, end users spend 0.5 hours less time finding and correcting errors versus untrained users.

So what would proper training mean to your organization? With companies cutting costs and trimming back staff it is more important than ever to have properly trained employees to ensure increased productivity and effectiveness.

3DVision offers a full line of training courses to support all our users at every level. As an authorized SOLIDWORKS Training, Testing and Support Center 3DVision Technologies is able to offer professional training taught by a team of award winning certified instructors.

Don’t get left behind, invest in training today.

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